Product Support

At Jenquip, we take product support and customer service seriously. Below you'll find helpful information for some of our products, including parts lists, troubleshooting tips and downloadable copies of operator's manuals.

Rising Platemeters Service & Repair

We service and repair all models (new and old) of platemeters. Send to the address shown.

Please remember to include your contact details and a brief note about what the unit is doing.

(Note that we do not require the plate for the service/repair.)

8 Weld St
Feilding. 4702

Tel: +64 (0)6 323 6146
Fax: +64 (0)9 355 0401

Operator's Manuals

Copies of the operator's manual for some Jenquip products are available for download using the links below. Take care to download the correct manual for the model you are using:, and please contact us is you’d prefer a replacement copy to be sent by post.

  • Jenquip Manual Plate Meter — no electronic meter. Download

  • Jenquip Electronic Plate Meter EC-10, Integrated Case Model — Labelled, counter and slide one integrated unit. Download

  • Jenquip Electronic Plate Meter EC-09, Integrated Case Model — Labelled, counter and slide one integrated unit. Download

  • Jenquip Electronic Plate Meter EC-09, Standard Model — Labelled, counter and black slide tube seperate. Download

  • FARMWORKS, Model F150 — green case counter with no markings. Also usable for very old black case model. Download

  • FARMWORKS, Model F200 — labelled, plus has battery charger port. Download


Troubleshooting tips are available for some products. Use the links below to download the troubleshooting tips currently available. These tips can also be accessed by going to the Products page of this website, selecting the product you have and look for the 'Troubleshooting' tab.

If you're unable to find the information you need, please contact us direct.

Service & Parts

For overseas customers, if you purchased your Jenquip product through one of our global distributors, please contact them initially for servicing and parts enquiries. Contact details can be found on the Shipping page of this website.

If your distributor is not able to help, or if you are a New Zealand customer, please contact Jenquip direct using the contact details at the start of this page. We'll do whatever we can to help solve any issues you're having with Jenquip products.

Parts lists for some Jenquip products are available in PDF format by using the links below:


Equipment manufactured by Jenquip has a six month guarantee. Where equipment is manufactured by others the guarantee period will be the greater of six months or whatever period the manufacturer has specified.

Follow the link to see full details of the Jenquip Conditions of Sale and Guarantee.