'Skinny Fence' Tool

Price: NZ$60.00

(excl. GST; free shipping within NZ)

Note: NZ delivery typically within a week.

Used for inserting and removing fibreglass posts from the ground. Fibreglass posts are ideal for temporary or permanent fencing, but handling them can be a problem — no more with the ‘Skinny Fence’ Tool.

Another model is available for use with bamboo stakes.

  • Versatile — will handle both 9mm and 13mm fibreglass posts, even if already fitted with clips.

  • One tool — for both inserting and removing the posts from the ground.

  • No damage — to the posts, even when used on hard ground.

  • Optional jaw — allows bamboo stakes to also be inserted and removed without damage.

  • Quick and easy to use — simple, straightforward operations makes it very quick to use.

  • Well-built — for many years of reliable use.

To insert a post, hold the ‘Skinny Fence’ Tool handle end uppermost and insert the post between the lower jaws so the jaws are about 50 to 100mm off the ground . Place the upper part of the post against the support bracket. By pushing down on the lower jaw with your foot, the post is pushed into the ground. This is usually done in several short pushes, “ratcheting” the jaws up the post. Using this technique it is even possible to push the post into hard and sometimes stoney ground.

To remove a post the ‘Skinny Fence’ Tool is turned upside down so the jaw is held in the hand. Insert post and pull up on the jaw to pull the post out of the ground.

Note that clips do not have to be removed from the post before using the ‘Skinny Fence’ Tool, but the tool may have to be repositioned occasionally if a clip gets in the way.

The ‘Skinny Fence’ Tool can be returned to Jenquip for service or repair. Please include your return address and phone number.

Please email us for a quote on any spare parts you may require.

The following items are available at extra cost:

  • Bamboo jaw

    A replacement jaw for the ‘Skinny Fence’ Tool that allows bamboo stakes to be inserted and pulled out from the ground, rather than the fibreglass stakes the original tool is designed to work with.

    Can be ordered as an alternative jaw when purchasing the tool if the original is not required.

    Price: $TBC (excl. GST; free shipping within NZ)