Safebreak Insulator

Price: NZ$7.00

(excl. GST; free shipping within NZ)

Note: NZ delivery typically within a week.

The Safebreak Insulator is an end insulator for your electric fence gates. It helps prevent nasty accidents and damage to your spring gates in case you accidently ride through the gate on your farm bike or other vehicle, or livestock decide to break through. The first spring gate it saves will pay for the Safebreak Insulator!

  • Durable — will typically last as long as any normal electric fence insulator.

  • Non-conductive — won’t lower the voltage of your electric fence gates.

  • Holds on well — retains hold of spring gate for up to 60% of its capacity.

  • Highly visible — only available in pink to maximise visibility of electric fence gate location.

  • Simple to use — simply nail it to a fence post and you’re done!

  • Peace of mind — know you’ve done what you can to minimise accidents and save repair costs.

The Safebreak Insulator is the complete insulator including the wire clip. Simply nail it to the post and connect the hot wire to the connection bolt. Hook your spring gate into the wire clip and that’s it!