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Note: Product currently not available – under redevelopment

“Very impressed with its accuracy. For that reason alone it has been a good buy and I have no regrets.” Jenquip Pasture Probe customer.

A scientifically-proven instrument developed from the original capacitance probe, the Jenquip Pasture Probe is the ideal tool for those looking to directly measure and record paddock dry matter, particularly in stalky growth and fodder crops which are difficult for other pasture measuring devices.

Used primarily by consultants, farm advisors and researchers, the Pasture Probe is the benchmark for electronically collection of paddock dry matter data (kg DM/ha). All data is stored ready to be downloaded direct to a computer (download cable included) for processing and evaluation using the dedicated computer software package included with each Pasture Probe purchased.

Unlike automated versions, each reading can be quickly checked visually on the Pasture Probe readout before accepting the result with a simple press of the ‘record’ button. This allows false readings to be ignored – fully automated models are appealing, but can be time consuming when paddock assessments have to be redone if false readings are collected.

Unsuitable for use when crops are wet, the Pasture Probe is not the first choice for most farmers, whilst Rising Plate Pasture Meters are a better option for all-weather pasture measurement.

A battery charger, computer download cable, comprehensive instruction book, dedicated software package and a specially designed belt/carry bag are included with each Pasture Probe.

Under redevelopment

The Pasture Probe is currently under redevelopment. Please email us if you would like to receive information about the new Pasture Probe when it becomes available.


The capacitance probe concept was originally developed by the Ministry of Agriculture Research, and then commercialised by Mosaic Systems (Design Electronics). The Pasture Probe was later marketed by Edwards & Williams Greenhouses (RedPath), before the rights to produce, sell and develop it were purchased by Jenquip in late 2002 — it not only had a very good reputation, but also performed far better than the other capacitance meters available.

  • Accurate measurement — scientifically proven, developed from the original capacitance probe.

  • Simple to use — instant readout of paddock dry matter readings and averages.

  • One-button operation — to record measured readings allows false readings to be easily rejected.

  • Comfortable — unique belt bag holds the meter during use, and doubles as a protective storage bag.

  • Reliable — high quality materials and accurate manufacturing ensure reliability and long service life.

  • Warranty — 12 months warranty, plus full backup for service and repair if required.

  • Free software — features reports, analysis and grazing order information for easy feed budgeting.

The Pasture Probe can be returned to Jenquip for service or repair. Please include your return address and phone number.

Please email us for a quote on any spare parts you may require.