Pakton Digital Voltmeter

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The Pakton Digital Voltmeter is probably the best on the market for measuring electric fence voltage, and is ideal for smaller farms or where cost is a consideration.

Having no leads at all to connect to the fence or earth means no tangles or risk of shocks, and makes the Pakton Digital Voltmeter much more reliable and easier to use than standard voltmeters. It can even be used from a farm bike seat or vehicle, greatly speeding up fence testing.

For more serious fault finding we recommend the Electric Fence Power Probe.

  • Ergonomic case — easy to carry around ready for use whenever needed.

  • Splash proof and impact resistant — ensures a long and reliable working life.

  • Simple to use — one-touch operation.

  • Wide voltage range — 0.2 to 9.9 KV (peak) +/- 10%.

  • No wires or clips — no tangles, broken wires or risking getting a shock!

  • Digital readout — clearly displays electric fence voltage.

  • Long battery life — even from a standard 9V battery.

  • Low battery indicator — warns when the battery needs replacing.

To operate, simply place the metal bracket that protrudes from the top of the Pakton Digital Voltmeter over any electric fence or hot wire and press the button on the front. The fence voltage will be displayed on the screen (in kilovolts, kv).

If an electric fence reading is below 3.5kv (3,500 volts) there is a chance that livestock may not be contained. The reason for the low fence voltage should be found and rectified.

Typical causes of low electric fence voltage include:

  • Faulty energiser or low energiser battery

  • Poor earth for energiser

  • Electric fence shorting out to earth in one or more places

The Pakton Digital Voltmeter can be returned to Jenquip for service or repair. Please include your return address and phone number.

Please email us for a quote on any spare parts you may require.