EC-09 Electronic Counter Kit

Price: NZ$530.00

(excl. GST; free shipping within NZ)

Note: NZ delivery typically within a week.


  • Integrated design – no loose mounts!

  • Protected potentiometer

  • Less maintenance

  • No bottom plastic to come loose

  • Retained battery holder cannot fall out

  • Counter can be retrofitted to any Jenquip or third party Plate Meter

The EC-09 Electronic Plate Counter replaces both of the manual counters on the Jenquip Manual Plate Meter, allowing automatic recording of pasture readings and instant display of values for pasture height and pasture cover. Different pasture cover calculation formulas can be entered and selected, with the selected formula remaining in use until changed. All data and records are retained when the counter is switched off.

Also included is a copy of the Jenquip Pasture Management Software.

Fitting instructions supplied. Software is supplied on USB for use with Windows XP or later versions.

(EC-09 Electronic Plate Counter and Jenquip Pasture Management Software supplied as standard with the Jenquip Electronic Plate Meter EC-09).