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The Batt-Latch is an easily moved timer that automatically releases an attached spring or tape electric fence gate at a preset time and day.

It allows livestock to shift themselves to a new feed break, onto a feed pad or out of the paddock to start walking to the milking platform. So there’s less pasture pugging, plus reduced lameness and stress on livestock as they move at their own pace.

Particularly useful for farms with run-off that has to be visited to shift stock — set up the Batt-Latch and go half as often for a major saving in time and fuel!

Supplied with one moveable spring gate (7m max. width) and jumper lead to transfer power from an electric fence or portable energiser.

  • Cost savings — less fuel, less time, maybe even a sleep in!

  • Simple to use — straightforward keypad operation.

  • Comprehensive timer — full 24 hour clock, plus daily and weekly repeat options.

  • Complete kit — includes heavy duty spring gate and power lead for connection to an electric fence.

  • Durable belt mounting — easily attaches to posts and gateways, easily moved wherever it’s needed.

  • Easy to read display — clearly shows the release times that have been programmed.

  • Solar powered — no batteries required.

Mount the Batt-Latch on a suitable fence post or gate post using the webbing strap and set the release time and day on the timer. Attach the included spring gate to the opposing gatepost with its webbing strap, hook it into the Batt-Latch and use the jumper lead to connect the gate to an electric fence or portable energiser.

Alternatively, use an existing spring or tape electric fence gate.

At the preset time and day, the gate will be released. The noise of a spring gate being release will alert stock that the gate is now open.

For full operating instructions, refer to the product manual.

The Batt-Latch can be returned to Jenquip for service or repair, or sent direct back to the manufacturer:

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