About Jenquip

Jenquip, a division of NZ Agriworks Ltd, is based in the heart of Manawatu region in the lower half of New Zealand's North Island. Since Jenquip first secured the licence to produce and sell the Manual Plate Meter back in 1997, a range of well-designed, high quality products have been added to the Jenquip range. Some are sourced from outside manufacturers, others designed and built exclusively at Jenquip.

Any product added to the range undergoes stringent testing to ensure it's as robust, reliable and easy to use as Jenquip customers have come to expect. Maintaining these standards is extremely important to us, and we won't compromise our values if a product isn't up to scratch

Jenquip products are primarily targeted at the agricultural sector.

It's also our policy at Jenquip to make getting answers to questions or placing orders as easy as possible for our customers. We hope this web site has answered most of your questions, but if you have others please get in touch:

NZ Agriworks Ltd
t/a Jenquip

Agri Business Centre
8 Weld St

Tel: +64 (0)6 323 6146
Fax: +64 (0)9 355 0401

Email: info@jenquip.co.nz

Pricing policy

All our prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars unless specified otherwise, and exclude GST, equivalent local taxes and import duties. These vary from country to country and we do not know the relevant duties.

Duty is often zero but can be significant and vary from country to country, so please contact your customs agency to find out the rates for your region. Duty is often zero, but can be significant, so please check with your local customs agent before ordering.

Follow the link for more detail on shipping rates and the Jenquip network of global distributors.

Environmental Policy

Jenquip recycles wherever possible, especially packaging. As a last resort, we dispose of surpluses in the most environmentally-friendly way.

Terms and Conditions

All customer information is kept strictly confidential by Jenquip. We will not divulge, share or sell customer information.

Follow the link to see full details of the Jenquip Terms and Conditions.


Our Jenquip web site is not currently secure. If you need to send us credit card details or other confidential information, you may send us a fax message rather than email.

If you wish to send credit card details by email, please spread the details over two emails and put numbers on separate lines, or break them up with words.

Fax from within New Zealand: 09 909 6050

Fax from overseas: +64 9 909 6050


We hope you don’t have any complaints but if you do, we want to be the first to hear. Please contact us promptly so we can rectify the situation.